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Kensgrove Collection 72 Home Decorator in the Espresso Bronze ceiling fan. Very nice for a large area and attic. With a blade 8 it will drive 10,484 CFM for maximum cooling. Dome-style light kit with opaque opaque glass includes a 16 Watt LED light source and is set at 3000K (warm white) temperature. Energy-efficient DC motors will start saving on energy costs, while running high only at 31 Watts. This DC motor also has 9 speeds that are three times larger having a traditional ceiling fan. Handheld remote control will control dimming and speed function, including battery. Also Energy Star is assessed for energy efficiency.


Home Decorators Kensgrove Ceiling Fan Installation and Energy Saving

To replace the old fan, remove and use an existing cable. For new fans, consult your strengths and obey the local building code.

Tip: Outdoor ceiling fans can be installed indoors, but ceiling fans are not installed outdoors.

To install the fan on the terrace or patio, use an outdoor fan. These fans are built specifically to survive on elements without damage.
ceiling fans should be hung from the junction box labeled “suitable for fan support.” It’s stronger than a lightweight support box and can carry fan loads and lights installed.
ceiling fans with LED lighting devices have a longer lifes fan and a certified ENERGY STAR ceiling fan can help reduce heating and cooling costs.
To ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency, select the top fan with the automatic temperature adjustment feature.

Home Decorators Kensgrove


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