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What Is Home Decorators Petersford 52 In

Can adjust the fan speed and lighting of the lamp through the remote control on this elegant Petersford 52. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan from Home Decorators Collection. Choose two middle maple finished blades or a dark walnut and choose from 3 speed controls for a refreshing, quiet-whispered air in an indoor space no larger than 20 ft. X 20 ft. Equipped with white lens and includes a 17-Watt LED.

How to Install a Ceiling Fan Downrod

Step 1: Release power to the circuit on the service panel. Uninstall existing equipment and pull from the ceiling with care. Test the power by plugging the test probe into the wire connector on the black and white cable. Disconnect and remove the old fixture.

Step 2: Put the cable from the top of the fan motor through the canopy and then through the rod hanger. Move the hanger pipe through the canopy and attach the pipe to the motorcycle collar and include a hanging pin. Then tighten the mounting screws.

Step 3: Hang the motor assembly together with the latch on the mounting bracket. Connect the cables following the manufacturer’s instructions using the wire connector to integrate with the fixture cable to the circuit cable in the box. Collect the cables and place them in the fan canopy. Lift the canopy and then attach it to the mounting bracket.

Step 4: Install the fan blades along with the hardware. Connect the fanlight cable according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Tuck the entire cable into the switch housing and fix fixture. Pair the light bulb. Turn on the power and test the fan.


Home Decorators Petersford


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