Need Ideas For Wall Decor


You can apply a painting that you both love. Making a family wall somewhere in the house is great for photos of old and newly arrived family members. Cloths or rugs make it feel good. Learn an example of paint color and add a little color somewhere. Such a towel rack or shelf is nice in the bathroom or kitchen. What kind of floor do you have? They are the other walls. Tapestries with neutral colors or colors add to the comfort and unlike wall to wall, they can be cast when no longer can be cleaned or skipped if you are really tired of them. Spend a little time and walk the yard and secondhand store. Delightful art gallery. When you travel, turn your eyes off for the quality things you love and share at home.

Or you can with this one tip, find a great big picture [or smaller 2-3-4 group] for the biggest wall space in your living room, like on the couch. Try a wall mirror over the fireplace or across from the biggest window. Add some 3d art like sampler, wood cut, sconces, wall hangings. Try to keep all the framed artwork in one or two colors / materials: gold / brass / copper, pine / oak / cherry /, or blue / red / green. That way you can rearrange the items periodically if you want. This system will work in all public spaces of your home. In the kitchen you can use copper or brass prints, squirrels, potholders too fancy to use, etc. Do not forget to also put some stuff in the tub. I will also add candles, for reasons we will not discuss. Your bedroom can also have some honeymoon souvenir [fans, t-shirt, sea shell collages] When you have kids do not forget to add their finest artwork to the decor.

Teenage Bedroom Wall Decoration

Teenage Bedroom Wall Decor

You are 14 years or older and your wall is empty, but has a wall full of your favorite singer posters.

If your wall is empty, I see them as an opportunity for creativity.

I do not know your personality, so I’ll give you some ideas for some personalities.


shelves displaying trophies are fun,
like a shadow box with your medal.


Framed achievement certificates,
school pictures,
academic medal


One of your paintings or drawings
ceramic bowls, and artwork


wire design or monogram
collage of fashion magazines

Another good thing is the fishbowl stuck to the wall.

But before that make sure you have one electrical outlet on each wall. If not, you need to install it on a wall that does not exist. But make sure everything is white.

You can also paint a wall and then have a graffiti (if that’s your style)
or choose a theme for the wall (eg.sunset) and leave it painted.

It would be even better if you could position the sticky board with a body painted in purple, blue and lime green. On this sticky board, you can handle images or position them randomly. You can change it from time to time, if you want a new look every time.

Modern Teen Bedroom Ideas

Sophisticated Teen Bedroom Ideas

Idea # 1: colours-tiffany blue, brown, slightly white
Walls: all walls are brown, get a stencil of a beautiful design and the paint is blue on the wall.
Bed: keep the bed frame you have
Tiffany blue sheets
Chocolate sheets (with the extra detail you want)
Whatever pillow you like (blur, polka dot, animal print, etc.)
Furniture: glass table with modern single-legged chair
Brown chocolate night stands with glass top
Keep the shelf units you have
Chocolate / white cabinets
2 blue or white Tiffany beanbag chairs
2 Cool blue / white cool chairs
Decorative: tiffany blue cute little rug
A cool modern vase with blue or white tiffany flowers on it (at
bedside table)
Cool fishtank on the table
High modern lights
Artwork & posters & paintings on the walls
The long mirror was hanged
This idea is very chic and sophisticated
Idea # 2: royal blue-color, gray, bright red, yellow
Walls: gray walls with thick horizontal yellow stripes illustrated
Bed: same bed
Yellow sheets
Royal royal sheets
Whatever pillow you want (preferably with a red accent like a
pillow gray with red heart)
Furniture: white / brown table with any chair
The same shelf unit
White wardrobe
Table / bed is white / brown
Blue royal beanbag chair
Decor: colorful paintings on the walls
Vase with one pink rose or tulip on the bedside table
Full length mirror was hung
Modern silver and white analog watches
This idea is for a fun and fun girl!
Other ideas can be: purple + black + little of it, neon / brights, hot pink + black + white, pastel, warm colors, cool colors, dark purple + mustard yellow, different pink, theme (beach, butterfly, etc)
Hope I helped out !

Install Western Bathroom Vanity And Countertop

Set up:
Adjustable wrench
3 “drywall screw
Push slip together
Tape measure
The carpenter’s level
Use of knives
Power drill
Put the gun and buttons up

First Things First Install Western Bathroom Vanity

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the sink or vanity that is already in your bathroom and prepare space for your new vanity. Check behind the vanity to see how it relates – perhaps with some screws through the rails on the back (often called “nailer”), or round the corner. While your head is under the table, see how your table and sink are attached to the base. Again there may be a screw that holds the top in place, or it may just be held in place with glue.
Releasing your old vanity will be easier if you take off the top (it will be lighter). Finally use a utility knife and run a knife around the edge, cut each stalk holding the edge of the vanity to the wall or the back.

Take Out the Old Vanity

As in the plumbing project, before you start, turn off the water to your bathroom. Hopefully this means closing the shut off valve on the water feed line to vanity, but in some cases it may mean you have to turn off the water throughout the house. You need an adjustable wrench to remove the supply tube from the faucet basin, and a large wrench or pliers slip together to open the drain. (We recommend a useful bucket when you open the drain to catch the remaining water in the trap.)
Remove the door and remove the drawer from the dresser. If there is a mold around the base of the vanity, remove it as well. Now kneel down and remove the screw that holds the pride against the wall, and if you remove it from above, undo the screws that hold it in place or use the safety bar to remove it from the pedestal.
You should be able to slide the vanity out and away from the wall, but in some cases you may have to silence it from the wall. If you do, use a thin piece of wood to protect the wall from the drill blades. We recommend placing thin sheets of plywood or even an old blanket to prevent prying off the floor as you glide.
After you remove the old vanity, check the area for damage. This is when you can repair the damage or damage to water on the walls and make sure your floor is healthy and parallel.
Carefully measure the height and width of your new arrogance. Decide where you want to position it and mark the edge location with the vertical line. Now, measure and mark up from the floor in the three places the height of your arrogance. Use the highest mark and draw a level line in it, join the two vertical lines. You now have a great outline for your vanity placement.
Carefully measure the location of the water pipe and sewer coming out of the wall and transfer the measurement to the back of your vanity. Use the cart hole (at least 1/2 “larger than the pipe) and drill holes for your drains Cut the cutouts for the drain with larger holes or chainsaws.
Verify where at least one male is on the wall behind your new dressing table, measure and mark the location on the vanity nailer, and throw the test hole for the 3 “screw that will hold it in place.

Finally, Installing a New Vanity

Minimize the opportunity for damage (and make the batteries lighter and easier to move) by removing the drawer and releasing it.
Protect your floor and move the vanity to its original position, then slide it into place with water and drain the pipe that goes through the hole you cut in the back. Check if the cabinet is aligned (both side to side and front to back), and use shims to level if necessary. After the vanity level, plug it into the wall using 3 “screws.

Installing Top and Sink

If your new arrogance has a built in or molded sink, you need to install the faucet before putting it in place. Start by putting the tap through the precut hole and hand tighten them. Now, turn the top of the vanity and use the wrench to strengthen it. Attach the clean water supply line to the bottom of the tap and tail pipe to the sewer. Finally shake the beads from the silicone clumps around the edge of the table, then turn them up and position them on the dressing table with your tightly tilted back against the wall.
If you insert a separate sink into your new vanity, you need to install the table first, then attach the faucet to the sink, and finally put the sink into the table.

Final Step

Attach the flexible feed path to the water supply valve and connect the sink tailpiece to the trap and drain. Run a small bead from a cauldron around the bottom of the tap and where the main buttocks