Need Ideas For Wall Decor


You can apply a painting that you both love. Making a family wall somewhere in the house is great for photos of old and newly arrived family members. Cloths or rugs make it feel good. Learn an example of paint color and add a little color somewhere. Such a towel rack or shelf is nice in the bathroom or kitchen. What kind of floor do you have? They are the other walls. Tapestries with neutral colors or colors add to the comfort and unlike wall to wall, they can be cast when no longer can be cleaned or skipped if you are really tired of them. Spend a little time and walk the yard and secondhand store. Delightful art gallery. When you travel, turn your eyes off for the quality things you love and share at home.

Or you can with this one tip, find a great big picture [or smaller 2-3-4 group] for the biggest wall space in your living room, like on the couch. Try a wall mirror over the fireplace or across from the biggest window. Add some 3d art like sampler, wood cut, sconces, wall hangings. Try to keep all the framed artwork in one or two colors / materials: gold / brass / copper, pine / oak / cherry /, or blue / red / green. That way you can rearrange the items periodically if you want. This system will work in all public spaces of your home. In the kitchen you can use copper or brass prints, squirrels, potholders too fancy to use, etc. Do not forget to also put some stuff in the tub. I will also add candles, for reasons we will not discuss. Your bedroom can also have some honeymoon souvenir [fans, t-shirt, sea shell collages] When you have kids do not forget to add their finest artwork to the decor.

Need Ideas For Wall Decor


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